Providing comprehensive eye care, laser assisted cataract surgery, diabetic eye care and glaucoma treatment with offices in Tacoma and Olympia, Eye MDs of Puget Sound is committed to excellence in ophthalmology. Your vision is our top priority and we strive to provide expert eye care in a comfortable, professional atmosphere.

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Our state-of-the-art facilities offer the most advanced medical and surgical technology available for all your eye care needs. We have a full service optical dispensary integrated conveniently within our facilities. Our Board Certified physicians are skilled in the latest treatments for glaucoma and diabetic eye disease. We provide laser assisted cataract surgery and offer multifocal ReSTOR, Tecnis, and Toric intraocular lenses to our patients. We also offer Custom LASIK and Epi-LASIK laser eye treatments as part of our comprehensive approach to all your eye care needs.

We appreciate the trust you have placed in us. We realize that your eyesight is a precious gift and we are dedicated to preserving it for a lifetime.

Cataract surgery is a common procedure performed to restore vision.


Diabetic retinopathy, or weak blood vessels of the eye, is a concern for diabetic patients.


Glaucoma occurs due to pressure on nerves of the eye and may cause vision loss.


LASIK laser surgery can reduce or eliminate the need for glasses.


Patient Testimonials

I have now completed bilateral cataract surgery with multifocal intraocular lens placement. The entire experience has been great with a bilateral 20-20 result. Dr. Geissler and the entire staff have been superb at every turn with explanations of procedures, tests, etc. Their care has always been prompt, caring, professional and very much individually focused. This office is definitely not a "mill". I have already referred several friends for ophthalmologic care. I'm really enjoying driving, golfing, and reading the paper without having to find glasses.


July 2017
I'd like to thank the staff of Eye MDs of Puget Sound for a very good experience. I chose the Laser Toric package after reading all the information provided plus discussing the options with Dr. Geissler. The results are amazing, like seeing with the clarity of a big screen HD television instead of the old tube TV. My distance vision is so clear! And not restricted by eyeglass frames. Should have done this sooner. Did I mention it was painless?

Besides the excellent work of Dr. Geissler, I have to say Kevin's attention to detail let me relax knowing he wouldn't miss a thing, from surgery prep to prescriptions for near vision glasses.

No review would be complete without praise for Janna. She was the go-to person at the clinic, always ready with a smile and an understanding response to questions about the surgery, insurance, and scheduling too.

Thanks to all, I'm very happy with the experience and the results.

Clay M.

May 2017
Dr. Geissler and Eye MDs,

Thank you does not fully express how grateful I am for you, Dr. Geissler, and your amazing team at Eye MDs of Puget Sound!!!

As a very active outdoorsman, craftsman and professional artist, obviously, excellent vision is vital. My eyesight had progressively diminished to near blindness. All I could see were vague shapes and dull sepia colorization. I couldn't drive or work, and could barely naviate while walking outdoors. I was quite concerned, anxious and depressed. Unsure whether the condition was permanent, this was a very scary situation.

Seeking professional help, I very fortunately found Dr. Geissler at Eye MDs of Puget Sound. My initial contact was with Sue. She was very compassionate and amazingly, able to squeeze me in for an appointment that afternoon. Upon arrival, Sue was so thoughtful and caring, she even helped me fill out the customary paperwork.

During the examinations and dignosis, I met two extraordinary people, Kevin and Jackie. Both were comforting, gentle, kind, and very knowledgeable. Dr. Geissler's examination determined that I had developed severe cataracts in both eyes. Dr. Geissler advised surgery and introduced me to another great team member, Janna, who reassuringly explained all aspects of the surgery.

Following the surgery of my left eye, the subsequent evaluation determined that in just one day, my vision was 20/80 and would continue to improve as healing progressed. I was ecstatic. Similar results for my right eye. Both eyes are now 20/25. I am so grateful!!!

Dr. Geissler, you are an exemplary surgeon, and your wonderful medical team and staff are absolutely amazing!!! You have created an outstanding culture at Eye MDs. Throughout all aspects of this experience, you and you team were exceedingly kind, thoughtful, reassuring and professional in every area of your organization!!!

Thank you so much to everyone at Eye MDs of Puget Sound.

Douglas N.
May 2017
I never experienced any type of surgery before my two cataract surgeries. My heart was willing, but my nerves were not as much. To my surprise, the entire procedure was pain-free. The process was all described for me prior to my date of surgery. It was a piece of cake!

With the LensAR laser option, I returned to work in a faster timeframe. My reading ability is much better now and I am at a 20/20 once again. My friend can't wait for her surgery date, as she experienced the process with me and now feels certain about her decision to have her much-needed cataract surgery.

If you, too, need this surgery, please don't hesitate any longer. You will not believe how beautifully bright and clear you will see once again, when scrambled eggs are yellow and color and green eyes are truly green.

Tom Z.
February 2017

P.S. The staff (outstanding) gave me 100% care and confidence. Doctor, your staff is happy and this is felt by all they serve. Congratulations!

Prior to having cataract surgery my vision was getting foggier and foggier for years. Glasses did not help. The thought of surgery was a little scary to me, but it was a piece of cake. Dr. Geissler and his entire staff are very nice and did a terrific job.

After my procedure, there is a huge difference in my eyesight. I can see so many things I could not for so long, bad (dust, dirt, scratches) and good (my mom and son's pictures on my wall, the gal across the street in her shorts). I can see driving without glasses really well. I could drive at night again if I wanted to. I am not bumping into things left and right. Thank you, Dr. Geissler and staff.

January 2017
I only need two words to describe my experience at Eye MDs of Puget Sound. Totally awesome.

Karen W.
December 2016
My new eyesight after cataract surgery is so good, I call it “super HD vision”. Dr. Geissler and staff are wonderful. Everything was explained in detail before the process last March and April. The preparation steps were easy and such a short and painless surgery made the task a breeze.

I am so glad I took action to correct my vision. Now I have regular sunglasses for the first time. And walking in the rain without glasses is fun!

My compliments to everyone at Eye MDs for helping me see the best I have in my 73 years of life.

John N.
October 2016
I had a very good experience with Eye MDs and Dr. Geissler. I had been procrastinating about having my cataracts removed. I saw an ad on TV about Dr. Geissler and the laser technique he was using for this type of surgery. Since I had had experience with Dr. Geissler before, it prompted me to call and make an appointment. Dr. Geissler provided a very positive and competent outlook for the surgery, so I decided to proceed.

At surgery time, the assistants were outstanding, competent, and well-qualified. It turned out my facial structure would not allow the laser surgery, so Dr. Geissler performed the normal type of surgery for cataracts. It turned out to be very successful. I did not feel a thing as he worked on me and was amazed when he said he was through so quickly.

The experience was so successful. I was amazed at how much my eyesight improved. The second surgery proceeded the same and I am totally pleased with the outcome. I have 20/20 vision again in both eyes and can see things very sharply now.

Dr. Geissler has a fine office organization and the staff are very nice, friendly, and competent. I couldn’t have asked for anything better. Thank you Dr. Geissler and staff for a great experience. I’m very happy I had this done.

Chuck F.
August 2016
My 1993 torn retina laser repair, 2015 cataract surgery in each of my eyes and my husband’s too, my yag procedure this week, years of checkups – each episode an astonishing breeze and 100% successful because Dr. Deem is such a skilled, calmly reassuring ophthalmologist and because his staff – Robin, Shauna, Janna – are so competent and warm-hearted. I am so grateful. Thank you very much.

Kathleen P.
August 2016
Friendly excellent staff and wonderful doctors who really help one feel relaxed and confident about the outcome of eye surgery. Highly recommend this professional group.

Elizabeth M.
August 2016
I had an eye exam on March 15th. It showed cataracts in both eyes. Dr. Geissler recommended Toric lens implants.

I had a Toric lens implanted in my left eye in March. I was amazed at my new eyesight! I could see far away, very clearly, without glasses (wow)!!

I had the second Toric lens put in my right eye in April, with the same amazing results as my left eye! I had a follow-up with Dr. Geissler later in April. I have corrected vision in both eyes. No glasses, except for reading glasses.

I was very impressed with the professional treatment from the staff. Everyone was very courteous! I would highly recommend them for this type of surgery.

Guy M.
May 2016
Dr. Deem and staff,
We wanted to thank you for taking such wonderful care of our family. Your concern and thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated.

Bob and Mieko W.
February 2016
Dr. Deem,
Thank you so much for coming to see my mom at Narrows-Glen and taking care of her in her final days. That meant so much to her and to all of us. Thank you.

Mary Kay A.
January 2016
My son and I both see Dr. Deem. As a medical professional myself, I have complete confidence in him. All of his exam rooms have flip charts on the wall so he can draw and explain what's happening and his treatments. Over the years he has referred me when needed to other great doctors.

Heidi H.
January 2016
Dr. Geissler performed cataract surgery on my left eye followed by cataract sugery on my right eye. My vision is now 20/15 in my right eye and 20/20 in my left. I am very happy with the outcome of my surgery and with the expertise of Geissler. Dr. Geissler's assistant, Kevin, is also very good, as are all the medical personnel. Dr. Geissler called me before the surgery to see if I had any questions and to reassure me for the upcoming procedure. I would recommend him to anyone who is ready for cataract removal. He is top of the line and is also very congenial and people-oriented. Since he spent so much time with me, I have no complaints.

Jane P.
December 2015
All personnel were pleasant and professional. Dr. Geissler was so caring and competent. Since the first appointment, he answered all my questions before I could even ask them. He performed removal of a cataract from my right eye and my vision is restored to almost 20/20!

I am so grateful to this man and this group. Their surgical suite was top of the line, as was the rest of the facility.

Special mention to the staff. They are credits to their profession!

Carol F.
November 2015
Dr Deem:
Since this is thankful Thursday (Thanksgiving), the Mary Bridge Inpatient Physicians wanted to let you know how grateful we are for your constant availability and helpful consults. We truly appreciate all you do for our patients.
The Mary Bridge Inpatient Physicians
I want you to know how much I appreciate Dr. Geissler and his team. My cataract surgery was successful and transformed my vision. Everything is bright and colorful to see. My experience was enjoyable! When I was leaving with my driver (my husband) I told him it felt like I was at a SPA!! Everyone was so warm and kind. I was impressed!

The instructions before surgery were clear and easy. The day of surgery all of my concerns were answered. I was touched by the thoughtfulness of the staff at Eye MDs of Puget Sound.

I am very happy with my results. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to improve my vision.

Again, I offer my special thanks to Dr. Geissler and the team at Eye MDs of Puget Sound.

Jannice W.
November 2015
I am writing to thank each person at this clinic for a wonderful experience with my cataract surgery. Every single person involved was professional, warm, supportive, helpful and caring. Every question about the procedure was fully answered, both pre and post-op instructions were crystal clear (an amazement to me, as I have had a lot of surgeries and never have the instructions been so complete!). I was able to approach the procedure with calm and confidence.

For me, the procedure itself was a breeze. Dr. Geissler was very encouraging, and gave clear reminders to hold my visual point steady during the procedure. I did not experience much discomfort afterward, and my recovery was solid. The hardest part was remembering not to bend down for three days.

I am very satisfied with the outcome. It is great to be able to drive at night again! Having been extremely nearsighted since a child, it is a source of wonder to be able to open my eyes in the morning and see clearly right away without glasses. I still need them for close up and mid-distance (computer correction), as I knew would be the case. I am fine with that. Things are so clear and color is brighter now.

For anyone wavering about having their cataracts removed, I can't say enough about how glad I am that I did this. You could not be in better hands than right here!!! Just do it. :)

Thank you, everyone on the team, for making my experience so positive and stress-free.

October 2015
I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate my NEW, enhanced vision after my cataract surgery.

What I most appreciate is how well it is organized: everything is structured. Exams, surgery, and even daily “calendars” that aided me (a disorganized person) in taking the eye drops at the correct times. Dr. Geissler and his medical support team are incredibly knowledgeable...there were no surprises. The whole operation and followup was relatively painless and I cannot believe how bright my vision is. Amazing!

Thank you,
Donald F.
September 2015
Dear Dr. Deem and Staff,
What a competent, welcoming and joyous crew you are!!! I am very pleased with the results of my cataract surgery and thank all of you for your kindness and expertise. Keep up the good work!

Warm regards,
Rod C.
September 2015

Rod is right! Dr. Deem, you are such a skilled ophthalmologist, and everyone on your team is also so competent and caring. You made all our visits so pleasant.

A couple of months ago you told me that I would be, to use medical jargon, "happy as a clam" and "ecstatic" with the results of my cataract surgeries, and I am! And now I can see how good-looking you all are!

Thank you so much for our amazing new eyes; we are thrilled with what you have done for us.

With sincere appreciation,
Kathi C.
September 2015

I started wearing glasses at the age of 4. When I was 12 I began wearing contacts. I am 63 years of age now, and for decades did the contacts in, contacts out, distance glasses on, contacts in with reading glasses – the contact cases, the solutions, the difference glasses for different needs. You all know what I am talking about here! I was diagnosed with cataracts not too long ago and opted for multifocal lenses with LensAR. Although I was a bit scared, my mom, who is now 90 years of age, went through this same process 8 years ago with Dr. Geissler. He reminded me that she was a kind of pioneer in this surgery. She has been grateful every day for surgery. She is an avid reader and is so thankful she can read without any glasses. She has had, and continues to have ZERO problems – just great eyesight.

There was NO PAIN involved in this procedure. The staff were there every step of the way to walk me through it. The first day after the surgery on my left eye my vision was better than 20/20. It was, to me, a miracle. I could not wait for the right eye surgery. Although I experienced some cloudiness for the first few days after this surgery, Dr. Geissler was there every step of the way, and the cloudiness cleared up in about 5 days with eye drops.

I threw away my glasses, my contact cases, and all the solution I had. I wake up, wash my face and start the day. I am in and out of showers without having to take contacts out and put them back in. I don't have to FIND my glasses anymore. I don't need to take reading glasses to restaurants to read menus. I can drive at night. Although there is a bit of a halo effect, which will be explained to you, driving at night is no longer a problem in any way. I can read my choir music with no aids. I can read labels on products and can start reading my books without a thought as to which reading aids I need – wherever I am! I can read my recipes and magazine article at any time without visual aids. I can take my sailing lessons and read the charts without glasses of any kind. I can engage in an active lifestyle with NO thought to dirt in contacts, prescription sunglasses or not, glasses or not, glasses over contacts, etc., etc.

I wish everyone could see as well as I do now. I feel thankful, grateful, and blessed to see so clearly, so naturally, for the first time in my life. Dr. Geissler will always be a hero to me – and my mom – for the kind, professional, caring way he and his wonderful crew gave us our eyesight. It really is a miracle every single day.

Charlynne G.
September 2015
I am a 61 year old woman who was told that I had cataracts in both eyes and my right one was completely blurred. I had been struggling to see when driving, especially at night. I had all but given up on painting, sewing, and reading, which I dearly love. Living in the eastern part of the state, my choices for surgery were limited and very expensive. I had left the Puget Sound area 15 years ago, but my 3 grown daughters still live there, so I thought, why not try finding a doctor there? I got online and the website seemed very promising, so I called.

I was directed to Rachel, who answered every question I had and then some. I was set up for an exam and had not a clue what to expect, plus I was very nervous. From the first moment I walked into the Tacoma Clinic I felt a peace come over me. Each person I met was kind and treated me like I was their new best friend, from the receptionist to each and every person I met. I was treated professionally, but with that little something extra we call caring. I have worked in and around the medical community a good portion of my life and never have I seen anything like this in a clinical setting.

When I met Doctor Geissler, who I now refer to as “The Saint of Sight”, I felt I was in good hands. He even called me the Saturday before my scheduled surgery on Tuesday to set my mind to ease by explaining what to expect.

I have now had both eyes done with the multifocal lens and LensAR laser. I no longer have to wear glasses for any reason. It’s only been two weeks since I had the left eye done, but I have already read two books, painted a picture, and feel like I have my life back. I will forever be grateful for finding my way to these people.

One last thing I have to say: anyone who has any question on where to go and who to trust should look to Eye MDs first. I have a feeling your experience will be just as rewarding as mine.

Gail L.
August 2015
I was referred to Eye MDs and Dr. Francis Geissler years ago by a good friend. I could not be more pleased with the service and attention I have received from Dr. Geissler and his staff. Eye MDs of Puget Sound is an efficient, well-run office. From the initial greeting at the reception desk, throughout my visits I always felt well treated. In my case there have only been minor delays in getting an examination room or seeing Dr. Geissler. The technicians are great and take time to make you feel comfortable and explain everything that is going on as far as the tests they are performing. They take time to answer your questions and I have never felt rushed.

Dr. Geissler is always attentive and thorough. He took the time to make sure I understood what he was doing and what I needed to consider. After many annual visits Dr. Geissler recommended that I have cataract surgery on both eyes. It was a big step for me since I have always dreaded anyone doing anything to my eyes; I was comfortable with my eye glasses. He took time to explain why I needed the surgery and what I needed for each eye. We discussed everything about the surgery and the costs associated. I was impressed at his knowledge and his concern for my wellbeing. It took several visits before I decided to put my eyes in his hands, so to speak. I am very happy I did. I no longer depend on glasses and am amazed at how well I see after the surgery.

Dr. Geissler made sure that all my questions were answered & his staff kept me informed as to what I was to do prior to surgery and after. Dr. Geissler took time on his weekend, before my surgery, to call and go over everything again and answer any questions that might have come up. I was fully assured and confident about the procedure. Upon arrival for surgery everything ran like clockwork. Nothing went unexplained. Surgery was a breeze on both occasions (right eye, left eye) and there was no pain. I was awake throughout so that I could follow instructions and hear what Dr. Geissler was doing. After surgery, in recovery, I was well attended and the nurses explained what I could or might experience and what I was to do for the next week, month, etc. Dr. Geissler also spoke to me at length to pass on his thoughts about the surgery and what I was to do as far as after care.

I had surgery on my left eye a few weeks later and I experienced the same great service and the surgery went as well as the first. I can say I am very happy with results of both surgeries in light of my original trepidation. I appreciate all the care and concern that I have received from everyone at Eye MDs of Puget Sound. I am grateful and appreciative. I would recommended Eye MDs with great enthusiasm as I am sure every patient receives the same great treatment I received.

Robert H.
August 2015
Dear Dr. Geissler, Kevin, Rachel, Jackie and staff,

I appreciate the opportunity to share my experience with you and with future cataract patients.

In January of 2015, during a routine exam, my optometrist surprised me with the diagnosis of mild cataracts. Just four months later I was experiencing difficulty with night driving and my new RX glasses didn't seem to help much. I knew it was time to involve an ophthalmologist and surgeon. I was referred to Eye MDs,specifically Dr. Geissler, by a close friend who had recently had cataract surgery with the LensAR laser procedure. I valued my friend's opinion and shortly thereafter made an appointment for an exam.

From the first visit, Dr. Geissler and his staff instilled the confidence I needed. The entire team was professional and caring. The exam was thorough and many questions were answered. When Dr. Geissler came in to complete the exam and explain my options, I knew I was in good hands. I left with the knowledge I needed to make my decision.

Despite some concern about the financial commitment, I opted for the laser with multifocal IOL. This was my chance to escape from wearing glasses and to me it felt like investing in a miracle!

Three days before surgery, Dr. Geissler called me and explained once again the details of the procedure and made sure I had no questions. He reaffirmed my decision and predicted an excellent outcome.

All the preparation made surgery day easy. I was reasonably relaxed and needed little medication. I put my trust in Dr. Geissler and his team, carefully followed his instructions and in just a few minutes the procedure was finished. Two weeks later another successful procedure on my other eye was completed. Now I can happily report that I don't need glasses and my vision is perfect!

I have no hesitation recommending Dr. Geissler and his staff to anyone considering cataract surgery. With Dr. Geissler leading the way, the teamwork and communication is impressive. Thank you so much not only for the “miracle” but also for the consideration and kindness you have shown me.

JoAnne H.
August 2015
At age 71, my cataracts were causing my distance vision to become impaired. I was having difficulty reading road signs while driving. My eye doctor at the time did not recommend cataract surgery. A few weeks later I received a post card from Eye MDs of Puget Sound. The card told me about the removal of cataracts using a laser technique called the LensAR laser. I became interested, so I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Francis Geissler. He explained the entire process and technique for removing cataracts using the LensAR laser and replacing my natural lens with an intraocular lens, or IOL. He and his staff thoroughly examined and tested my eyes. From the results of the exams and tests, it was determined that I would be a good candidate to have the Tecnis Multifocal lens implanted.

Dr. Geissler and his team prepared me for the surgery every step of the way. They provided literature and videos about the entire process. Dr. Geissler personally called me at home the night before the surgery. A member of the surgical team called a few hours after the surgery when I was recovering at home. They gave me a schedule for taking medication before and after the surgery. Dr. Geissler saw me within 24 hours after the surgery and one week later. I could call his staff at any time if I had concerns.

Three weeks after surgery on my right eye, I had surgery on my left eye. Everything was exactly the same during the second surgery. Today I have 20/20 vision in both eyes. I do not need glasses. My vision is much brighter and I can read road signs in the distance without problem.

Thank you Dr. Geissler and thank you to your outstanding staff and surgical team for restoring my vision!

For anyone reading about my experience with Dr. Geissler and his staff, I would highly recommend them for all your vision needs.

Jim F.
August 2015
Dr. Deem,
I am on my flight up here in Fairbanks, AK. I'm flying today because of your kindness in taking your time to see me at your clinic on Saturday. Thank you ever so much for checking out my left eye, and just like you said, it was good to go on Sunday. There are not many doctors like you that will take the time to see a patient on a weekend. You are an exception. I look forward to seeing you for my annual eye exam. Please let your staff know it. Again, thank you very much.

Eric C.
CAPT, Alaska Airlines
CDR, USN Retired
July 2015
The outcome of my eye work has been wonderful. Dr. Geissler has been on both eyes now and I can't even imagine what life would be like if I had never seen the good doctor. See you again...and I will see you!!

Gary C.
February 2015
Dear Dr. Geissler,
First, I must confess. I was not excited about having eye surgery. Who is, for heaven's sake? Like it or not though, it was obvious that I had to do something, i.e. if I wanted to see correctly.

Mine was a distorted world seen through brownish haze and out of focus. New lenses would change all that, you said. WIth that short statement, you had my full attention. I was in!

Thus I entered the world of cataract surgery, which was every bit as unclear in my understanding as my eyes were to see. After the diagnosis, you took your valuable time to describe my problem precisely, and options for solution, i.e. lenses that correct either near- or far-sightedness or both, with multifocal lenses. The bonus of the latter? No more glasses! In the end, I chose multifocal - and am overjoyed that I did. They have corrected my sight to 20/20, sharp images and bright, vibrant colors across the visual spectrum.

Looking back, I applaud you and your team. I so appreciated your: 1. two-part process of educating this mystified patient, i.e. medical questions with you - about cataracts, risks, pros and cons of different lenses - and practical bits with Rachel - types of lenses, surgery schedule. With all that, I could make informed decisions; 2. regular pre- and post-surgical phone calls. Note: you might be the only physician left who follows up personally; 3. prompt, upbeat expert surgical team; and 4. procedure, which was astounding - 18 minutes and done!

And today? I can see our world correctly again, without glasses...for the rest of my life! Thank you and your team for my most welcome renewed eyesight. I shall be trumpeting your praises for years to come.

Yours sincerely,
Gail F.
January 2015
Dear Dr. Geissler,
Thank you and your staff for a fine experience with my intraocular lens implant. I was not aware that I had cataracts until the exam. After surgery, with time for my brain and eyes to adjust, I see very well, and passed my driver’s license test with ease.

The most amazing thing is the brightness and vibrancy of colors. It is a new experience and very enjoyable.

Marilee T.
September 2014
If you have a pending Cataract surgery in the future, I would highly recommend Dr. Francis Geissler and his team at Eye MDs of Puget Sound.

I recently had my surgery done there and I was very highly pleased with the results. Dr. Geissler and his team are very professional, compassionate and caring, and I was quickly put at ease. Every member of the team had their assigned tasks to do and the entire time went smoothly.

I am happy that I chose Dr. Geissler as my ophthalmologist and entrusted my eye care to him and his team. My vision is the best it has ever been.

Thank you,

Esther O.
August 2014
PRK Surgery was quick and painless. Before the surgery Dr. Geissler explained in detail what was involved and what to expect afterwards. He even takes the time to check on you later that evening, the next day, and at several follow-up appointments.

The only discomfort was light sensitivity and tearing up shortly afterwards. It took about a month to see perfectly clear. My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner!

Sandy N.
August 2014
In the words of Johnny Nash, “I can see clearly now” - near, in between, and far thanks to the skillfulness, sound guidance, and gentleness of the professional team at Eye MDs. Without glasses, I can read the smallest print on labels and easily identify details and color in the distance. This has been a life changing event for me. Thanks Dr. Geissler and the finest team of caring professionals.

Lois G.
August 2014
Dr. Deem,
I want to personally express my gratitude for your recent assistance with a Mary Bridge ED patient with severe eczema which may have been causing an eye issue. Because of your willingness to consult with our patient, we were able to provide needed medical care and a treatment plan. Dr. Walkley expressed his appreciation for you coming in to see the patient even though you were not on call. We wanted to make sure you were acknowledged for your collaboration.

Best regards,
James A. Polo, MD, MBA, CPE, FACHE
Medical VP, Mary Bridge Children's Healthcare Network
Dear Dr. Geissler,
I just wanted to thank you and your staff for the wonderful care and the professional treatment I received during my procedure in September 2013. I was a little apprehensive in the beginning but after doing my research, felt extremely confident about going forward. You and your staff were also excellent council before, during, and after my procedure.
I had cataract surgery with Tecnis Multifocal lens in both of my eyes. The result is outstanding and all I can say is WOW!! My vision is now 20/20 again and I can once again follow the golf ball over 125 yards. It is indeed a miracle to be able to see without glasses again, plus have the vision to drive a car at night with confidence.
You have changed my life for the better Dr. Geissler. I am very appreciative and will not hesitate to recommend you to my friends and family.
John P.
Dear Dr. Geissler,
I cannot begin to tell you what a difference you and your staff have made in my vision and my life. I wore glasses and/ or contact lenses for 45 years. I am amazed everyday that I can actually see without the chore of putting on my contacts every morning! My vision is truly a gift and I cannot thank you enough!
You and your staff were abolutely wonderful during my cataract surgeries and laser surgery. Everyone was so patient and kind. You explained every step so carefully and completely. Your personal calls to my home to check on me were above and beyond anything I have experienced from any doctor, the level of care and concern that you showed was unbelievable. Everyone treated me like I was a really important patient. We experienced the same superior level of kindness and concern when you were treating my 82 year old aunt.
The ReSTOR lenses were a wonderful choice and are definately a life changer for me! I can be on the beach or quad riding in the woods, or reading to my granddaughters without glasses! Its so very exciting to me!
Thank you so very much Dr Geissler! Anyone that I know who needs vision care is going to be referred to you! You are absolutely amazing!
Susan B.
Dr. Deem and all staff:
I thank you all for your kindness and I am very happy with the results of my cataract surgery. I will never forget what you have done for me for the rest of my life. I just wanted to let you know. Have a nice day.

Sachiko H.
To Dr. Francis Geissler,
My experience with my cataract surgery and the ReSTOR lens in both of my eyes has been remarkable. I am so happy that I had it done.
I had it done in both eyes in October of 2009. It is great. I don’t need to take my glasses out of my purse to read. Thank you Dr. Geissler!
Wanda B.
Dr. Deem & staff,
Thank you so much for all your help with my mom's cataract surgeries! Everyone was very courteous and nice. My mom and I are very appreciative of all that you've done!

Thank you,
Donna & Michele
Dr. Geissler,
I am very happy with the results of my cataract surgery and the implantation of the ReSTOR lens. For me, the ReSTOR lens is wonderful. Not to have to wear glasses or contacts is wonderful – like a gift! For me, it was certainly the right decision.
Mary G.
Dear Dr. Geissler,
As you know, I recently underwent refractive surgery by your hand and I am absolutely thrilled at the result. I very much appreciated the time and education you provided which enabled me to make a truly informed decision about having refractive surgery.
I am impressed not only by your professionalism and skill, but by the kindness and knowledge of your wonderful staff. I look forward to seeing you for my future eye care needs, and to referring my family and friends to you as well.
John W.
As we age, we often wish we could see the way we could when we were younger. At age 65, I realized my eyesight was becoming very different. While on vacation in Washington, a friend suggested I make an appointment with Dr. Francis Geissler of Eye MDs of Puget Sound. When I was told I had cataracts, I knew decisions had to be made. Where would I have the surgery, what type of lens would be best, who would answer all of my questions?
It became very apparent after talking to Dr. Geissler, his staff, and seeing the Narrows Eye Surgery Center in Tacoma where the surgery would be done, I need look no further.
After discussing the different possibilities, I chows the ReSTOR lens because it offered the options I wanted… to be able to see at a distance, up close, and in between, all with no glasses!
When I had the surgery almost six years ago, little did I realize that it would grant one of those wishes and give me even better vision than I had when I was younger. The entire experience with Dr. Geissler and his staff was great. I would recommend this lens to anyone needing cataract surgery.
Kay H.
Dear Dr. Geissler,
My dad, Allen asked me to thank you for the excellent care you provided. Following the cataract surgery that you performed, his vision is so close to 20/20. I certainly hope my vision will be as good when I’m 87!
He reports that the surgery was quick and painless. There was almost no recovery time-he was able to resume his normal activities within a day. Prior to the surgery, you and your staff did a great job in explaining the procedure and relieving any anxieties he may have had. Post-op care was top-notch, thorough, professional, and courteous.
He is now enjoying his newly improved vision. He’s telling all his friends, “if you want to see well, then go see Dr. Geissler!”
Thank you,
Cal M.
I knew Dr. Geissler as a child. I am very impressed with his office. I feel that he is a brilliant doctor. He removed my cataracts and actually raised my left eyebrow as needed for droopiness. I am very pleased with the medical care I receive from Dr. Geissler. Another thing I like about Dr. Geissler, when my daughter saw him because of an accident, he referred her to a plastic surgeon because she needed a specialist for her specific care. He found the best care for her needs.
Yvonne D.
Dear Dr. Geissler and Surgery Staff:
Thank you for your professional and caring service during my two eye surgeries. You put me at ease by your kindness, and I felt confident that all would go well.
Sister Georgia Y.
As a RN, I know the value of quality health care. So when I made the decision to have Lasik, I choose Dr. Geissler. Both he and his office staff were able to answer all of my questions and were very accommodating thru out my pre and post procedure visits. Since I am an avid hiker and enjoy the outdoors, wearing glasses was an inconvenience. Now for over two years I am free of glasses, in fact I was reading the newspaper the night of surgery! In conclusion, I have referred many of my co-workers and friends to Dr. Geissler and would recommend him for any eye procedure.
Roberta C., RN
Dear Dr. Deem and Staff:
I feel compelled to say a special thank you for my surgeries and the total experience. I can’t think of anything more important than the ability to see better.
Signed: Eleanor D.
As a patient who put off this type of surgery for over ten years, I watched others go through the now dated technology and the problems they had and some paid four times more than I did for the procedure at other clinics. I was afraid of the drive thru mentality and the discounted price sales pitches some clinics have and advertise. After all, it is your eye sight that you are risking.
I am extremely happy with the procedure, Dr. Geissler, and his staff. Dr. Geissler and his staff are unique in that they take a personal interest in their patients. Although I had minor complications, when I called Dr. Geissler after my surgery in the middle of the night, he immediately called back, even offering to open his office to assist me to ensure that everything went well during the recovery process.
The constant follow-up and aftercare shows that they believe in the operation and actually care about their patient which is rare nowadays.
Brad B. – Chief of Police
To the Technicians at Narrows Eye Surgery Center:
Thank you for all your care and attention. You made my day very beautiful, and my heart very glad on my surgery day.
Thank you, Mary Ellen O.

To: Eye MDs
Thank you for the great job and excellent teamwork with my mom!!!
Signed: Brian O. (son of above patient)
Dear Dr. Deem:
Thank you so much for everything. You are an amazing doctor. You’ve handled my family’s eyecare with compassion and expertise. Upon Josh’s initial visit, you were concerned that he may have a malignant tumor. You were right, and hearing it from you first somehow prepared us for what was to be.
You are professional and knowledgeable. I am so impressed with and grateful for your insight. I will always feel confident that our ophthalmologic care is in good hands. We thank you and your staff.
Sincerely, Ron, Dawn, and Joshua
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